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Bred in the sands of the Kalahari Desert, rises Africa’s most competitive and vast Wifi Network. An ambition and objective to alter the face of Pan African last-mile connectivity. With an objective of seamless robust connectivity from one edge of Gaborone to the other, One Wireless eludes to be a pioneer in this space. Disrupting the face of connectivity across Africa, making access more affordable, faster, and cleaner.

Astronomical Cost

5.11% of the income

1 GB of data in Botswana costs 5.11% of the income whilst it’s 0.47% in Egypt


The cost of downloading 1GB file in Botswana is $14.12 vs the global average of $8.53

Highest in Africa

Botswana’s Broadband cost is the highest in Africa as per the A4AI study 2018



Supports at least 1000 concurrent users
Scalable to support the ever-growing user spaces

User Support

Supports different types of terminals (laptop, smartphone & tablets)
Easy to use for all users from different age groups and backgrounds Accessible registered users only


Provides wireless security to protect users against hackers.
Provides enough security measures to protect the infrastructure against hackers.

Quality of Service

Bandwidth control for each user
Provides Quality-of-Service (QoS) for real-time applications

High Internet Penetration







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